Bloc- Your Space to Create   Recently updated !

Bloc, located at 1302 N Coast Hwy 101 is a shared co-working space tucked into one of Leucadia’s sweetest spots. Bloc is the answer to a stifling office and the creativity zap of working from home. Imagine a clean, light and airy space. Your sustainably made drafting desk faces a large window looking out over a tree-lined […]

BLOC upstairs


FERN: Lifestyle and Clothing Goods you Can Feel Great About!

FERN Boutique is a refreshing oasis of USA-made goods and clothing newly opened in Leucadia. While many other retail experiences in southern California leave consumers awash in sea of sweatshop supported fast-fashion (with no room for reflection), FERN represents a minimal and thoughtful approach to style. Aiming to create an ‘organic space’ in many ways, […]

Royal Liquor: It’s All About the Craft

Royal Liquor understands the impact that public art has on a business, a neighborhood and the wider community. Royal Liquor has not one, but two Skye Walker original murals on their Highway 101 building. The first mural was created out of a partnership between Royal Liquor and Paint Encinitas in 2014. It received huge fanfare […]