454 Tattoo is Leucadia’s Summer Fun Kick-off Hotspot!   Recently updated !

454 Tattoo is the hotspot of Summer Fun of the 101’s Friday night kick-off as it becomes one of five N. Coast Hwy 101 Businesses to become venues for the live music of Support Small Business Night & Record Swap. Hands down, 454 has one of Leucadia’s most beautiful, welcoming shopfronts. The building has been […]



Spy Optic: Happy Lenses on Happy Faces at Summer Fun on the 101

The north end of Leucadia has recently experienced a surge in its regional happiness. Spy Optic opened its one-of-a-kind ‘Happy Camp’ in early 2015 welcoming southbound visitors to Leucadia with bold billboards and an old school life guard tower chair for epic photo op’s. Happy Camp is a realization of the happy disrespect for the […]

Top Ten Reasons Why Staying at the Leucadia Beach Inn is the Best Choice for Visitors!

Leucadia Beach Inn by Night, Photo Via Flickr.com by DCIS_Steve   10) The History! Leucadia Beach Inn is located in a historic 1920’s building- the longest running Inn in Encinitas in fact! The layout is done in a classic California ‘horseshoe’ design built around a flower-filled central courtyard. You can follow in the footsteps of […]

Photo by DCIS_Steve via flickr.com