Swell Property’s Guide to Summer Fun!   Recently updated !

The team at Swell Property knows that Leucadia has a certain magic about it, which is why they live and work in our seaside haven. As experts in the local real estate market and locals themselves, Swell knows how to maximize a summer weekend in Leucadia! With Summer Fun on the […]

Swell Beer Garden Image (4)


The Regal Seagull: Summer Fun After Party Headquarters!

The Regal Seagull recently celebrated its third year in the heart of Leucadia and is already one of the most popular places to have a pint in all of Encinitas. The sister establishment to Mission Hills’ Regal Beagle has done much right to deserve such a fine reputation among locals. Here’s […]

Summer Fun on the 101 June 25th & 26th!   Recently updated !

Local musicians recognized around the world will take the stage for “Summer Fun on the 101: Leucadia’s Music Festival” on June 25 and 26th. For the seventh straight year the Leucadia 101 Main Street will present the community’s signature music festival. Artists scheduled to appear include Mattson 2, David J., Birdy […]

Summer Fun on the 101