2016 Leucadia 101 Main Street Board Election Results

The 2016 board election results are in! Leucadia 101 welcomes two brand new board members and Leucadia residents: Nikolas Harth and Nathan Mertz. Both new members bring fresh perspectives, energy and dedication to community. Michael Marckx, Nick Winfrey and Michael Schmitt were re-elected to serve another three year term. Long-time board member Patricia Bell completed over a decade of service on the board of directors and will be greatly missed. Read on to become acquainted with Leucadia’s new and re-elected directors. Click here to read more about Patricia Bell’s dedicated service to the organization.

Newly Elected Leucadia 101 Board Members:

Nikolas Harth was born and raised in Leucadia. He has spent his whole life enjoying the amazing lifestyle that Leucadia provides, and now he believes it is time for to give back. Nikolas represents local business owners and brings a sense of inclusion for his generation to the Main Street community in an effort to create a greater unity in our community as a whole. Being a local business owner, he is invested in maintaining the lifestyle he grew up with, and the success of Leucadia for future generations.


Nathan Mertz loves Leucadia!  Nathan is a 21 year resident of Encinitas, and loves all that this city has to offer.  In his free time he and his wife and hit the beach, surf and enjoy everything about this special place.  When we are not doing that, they are either traveling or working on our 64 year old house in Leucadia.

Nathan graduated from SDSU with a degree in Urban Planning.  He also has a masters degree from CSULB. He has 16 years experience in planning and construction management.

Having an in depth knowledge of the N. Coast Hwy 101 corridor and the N. Coast Hwy 101 Streetscape project, he will be a crucial resource for the Main Street and the businesses as the project moves through the approval process and enters the construction phase.

Most recently he worked with Main Street Oceanside as the Project Manager for the Mission Avenue Improvement Project in downtown Oceanside.  This complete street project converted a four lane road into a two lane one way street couplet over four city blocks.  These improvements allowed for wider sidewalks, outdoor dinning, bicycle facilities, enhanced landscaping and lighting, parallel and reverse angle parking and storm water treatment facilities.  The end result of this multi-year planning and construction project has stimulated corridor businesses by attracting additional customers from the beach and new business start ups.  The project was awarded an Active Transportation Grant from SANDAG in the amount of $1.5 million which Nathan administered as well. He looks forward to supporting Leucadia 101 in any way he can!


Re-Elected Board Members:

Michael Marckx is CDO of Creative Disruption, an agency with a focus on helping organizations and institutions creatively disrupt the status quo.

Until recently, Marckx served as president/CEO of SPY Optic., a brand he was hired to turnaround in 2011.  He has also served on the Board of Directors for the Surfrider Foundation, including three years as Chairman of the Board. A frequent lecturer on Marketing, Branding and Culture, including a current post with California State University San Marcos, he enjoys sharing about the pitfalls of running a brand while offering ideas on the creation of success. He also serves various executive and advisory capacities for Dos Almas Tequila, SUPERbrand, Monuments of Cycling, Monster Media Racing, Modern Technocracy, Leucadia 101 and two local breweries.

A former amateur world champion and US National team member, Marckx has enjoyed being an athlete in several sports. Currently a Category 1 bicycle racer, avid surfer and musician, Marckx keeps it funky in Leucadia with his wife and two children, who love the ocean and music as much as he does.


Michael Schmitt grew up on Long Island, NY and graduated from the University of Notre Dame before moving to Leucadia in 2009. Michael instantly fell in love with Leucadia. In 2010 Michael founded Summer Fun on the 101 Leucadia’s Music Festival which has grown into a highly anticipated and beloved community event.  Michael hosts regular poetry and music gatherings at Ducky Waddle’s, the Encinitas Library, and Bar Leucadian.  He coordinates all of the music for the Leucadia 101 Main Street events and was recently awarded Director of the Year in 2015. He strives to promote the vibrant arts scene and local businesses through his work as a Leucadia 101 Main Street Board member.
Nick Winfrey has a degree in Human Communication from Arizona State and served in the Marine Corps before moving to Leucadia in 2008 with his wife. Nick holds the position of VP of Planning and Development at Rancho Coastal Humane Society, helping secure funding, building relationships within our community and county, and creating programs that reach thousands.  His skills include fund development, event planning, and graphic design.