Birdseye Kitchen on their Back-to-Back Platinum Plate Award Wins


Photo captured by Owl House Creative

Birdseye Kitchen was Leucadia’s newest restaurant in 2016 when they won the Platinum Plate Award. Prior the the 2017 Taste of Leucadia, everyone wondered if they could do it again! When the final votes of taste attendees were tallied, it was clear that they were the winners again! Dia Morris, Owner and Head Chef let Leucadia 101 in on some tips and details behind their 2017 win of the highly competitive Platinum Plate Award! Read below to catch the interview.

Can you please describe the winning dish?

Phad see-ewe which is a staple Thai noodle dish seems to appeal to everyone, young or old. We figure warm flat rice noodles wok-fried with organic vegetables, egg and tofu would be pleasing on a spring night. It has been a crowd favorite that we serve up daily, customers love dressing it up with serrano chili vinegar, our popular house-made fragrant and spicy chili oil and/or roasted Birdseye chili flakes. Simple yet satisfying washed down with cold Thai iced tea done up with organic half-and-half or coconut milk. Thai iced tea was especially nice for the many who waited in line for a taste. 

Birdseye Kitchen has only been open for two years and both years has taken home the Platinum Plate Award, can you describe what it’s like owning your own successful restaurant?

Owning our own restaurant has been a challenging yet very rewarding experience.  As many can imagine there are so many moving parts in a restaurant operation, we continue to learn, navigate through it all while developing lasting friendships with our local markets/farms, suppliers and staff. 
All honest feedback from customers, good and bad, has been great. It helps us grow and work out the kinks. We love hearing what customers are liking on our menu as it helps us fine-tune the dishes my mom has taught me to cook, from sourcing ingredients to tailoring and refining our dishes to the active lifestyle of Leucadians. 

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs thinking of opening a small business?

The support of our local community has been essential to growing our small business. We encourage all future entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, anything is possible. We thrive knowing how special and fortunate we are to be a part of this symbiotic relationship with our neighbors, put simply: it’s neighbors supporting neighbors and we are gratefully reminded every day.


Photo Captured by Owl House Creative