How to Live the Van Life for a Day With Zeeba Vans


A weekend of coastal sleepovers to maximize surf days, a summer getaway cruising with your beau or selling all your things and heading out onto the open road is a desire that peaks the interests of many adventurous souls. Over the last couple years, #Vanlife has exploded from a hippy hold over and rebellion to nonconformity to a way of life movement that people from all walks of life, career paths and income levels have decided to jump on board.

Some take the oath and go all in with an indefinite timeline, fully building out a set up for easy living in small spaces. But what about those of us loving living in our daily grind and are curious of what it’s like to get away, on the road and out exploring like our forever nomad friends just for a day or few? Zeeba Rent-A-Van is a quick cure to fix your free spirit fantasy and help you set out for a no fuss adventure with little to no commitment. 

Zeeba Rent-A-Van has a variety of vans to choose from that will suit your exploratory needs and the roadtrip adventure you’re ready to check off the bucketlist. In need of help getting out the door and on the road? Here are a few quick tips to help get your started adventuring like a pro:

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Photo: Zeeba Rent-A-Van


  1. Book a Zeeba Rent-A-Van and Mark your Calendar

Booking with Zeeba is as simple as a few quick clicks. Browse their rental vans and choose the right one for your adventure. Whether you’re planning to roll solo, with your partner in crime or a group of your best buddies, Zeeba has a van to compliment the adventure at hand. Whether you’re looking for a smooth ride for up to 15 friends, an epic journey for a 12 of your closest friends, a smaller, but cozy road trip in the star minivan or you just want to admire the scenery while you transport some things across the country, they’ve got you covered.

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Joshua Tree, CA; Photo: Kate Nevé

  1. Pick your Adventure

Southern California has endless possibilities for one day getaways within driving distance. Land or sea, there’s a destination and adventure for everyone. Don’t know where to start? Check out some of our favorite adventure and travel blogs for some inspiration or maybe even a replication of an adventure past.

  1. Stranded on Land
  2. Shoestring Adventures
  3. The Outbound
  4. Daytrippin
  5. Expedia Viewfinder
  6. Hipcamp Journal

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Photo: Adventure 16 Instagram

  1. Get Your Gear

 We’re a sucker for being outside and active and the ideal #Vanlife nook has dedicated storage space for the gear that will get you there. Don’t have the full kit and kaboodle on your own? No problem. Getting gear to help get you outside and adventuring is easy. Our neighborhood friends will get you geared up and ready to play while you’re away. Whether you want to paddle the white wash on a board from Paddle Planet, rip and ride in the line up with the locals on a fresh board from Surfy Surfy or cruise around on a custom from The Hatch; you’ll have enough space to hold all your play things and more.  Can’t commit to a forever adventure toy? Lock in a rental from Progression Surf, pack your van and get out there. 

If an inland bound trip peaks your curiosity,  Adventure 16 will have the basics to help you create a comfortable, stress free and affordable trip. Think sleeping bags, camp stoves, coolers, adventure sports gear and tents if you prefer sleeping out under the stars. If you’re more of the work with what you’ve got kinda guy or gal, grab some extra blankets, pillows and flashlights and build a cozy sleep nook in the back to rest easy when you park it in the back of your temporary home away from home.

No matter if you’re unsure of what’s the best fit for you, don’t have the space to store it or are diving into a new venture, there are plenty of retailers to help get you outside.

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Photo: Stranded on Land

  1. Get on the Road

Roll solo or grab your crew and get out there and start exploring! Don’t forget your camera and adventure journal and some good tunes to cruise to. The best part of an adventure is discovering the unknown. Part of living the #Vanife is going where the road takes you and letting your plans loosely evolve around what’s discovered. You never know the places you will discover off the path by talking to other vandwellers out on the road. As the saying on the road goes, home is where you park it. For some, that timeline is undetermined. But if yours has an expiration date, dive in and enjoy living the van life, even if it’s just for a day.


Ready to plan an adventure? Make a reservation online or pop by the Zeeba Rent-A-Van booth at the Summer Fun on the 101 event on Saturday June 24th to jumpstart memory making without committing to owning your own mobile home away from home.

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