Meet the Summer Fun Musicians of 2017


Summer Fun on the 101 is back with a killer and eclectic line up.

Ruthless Hippies has hand selected these ten local bands for their highly relevant rock prowess and live performance acumen. We hope that you enjoy their sets and buy their music and/or T-shirts. Here’s some words, links and tunes on each of our 2017 artists:

Peter Sprague Group – Renowned guitar legend playing jazzed up and blissed out versions of all the classics with his six piece band, fronted by Leonard Patton on vox.

IMG_8932 (1)
Trouble in the Wind – Highly original folk, rock and country-emo hillbilly surfer boys from Carlsbad.




The Mattson 2 – Outer space jazz rock twin duo that wears suits as well as they play instruments.




Wish and the Well  – Bluesy all American folk band rocks it straight from the heart.


wish and the well


5 More Minutes – Youth Battle of the Bands winners, classic rock and surf rock inspired young upstarts who totally wail.


Congrats toFive More Minutes

Lotus the Band – An eclectic mix of festival favorite tunes with high powered vocals, centered around our celebrated sound engineer, Patrick Scanlon on guitar.



Taken By Canadians  – Catchy rock n blues pranksters with sounds that will “eat you like a person.”


taken by canadians 1


The Sham Saints – Earthy psychedelic rock band led by seasoned Swedish speaking troubador Darius Degher.


the sham saints


The Paragraphs – A rock and roll four piece that just wants to have fun


the paragraphs 1


Featherstone – A heavy jamming psychedelic blues trio that was born five minutes ago and already rocks like a vet, includes members from Amerikan and former Ocelot founders.




DJ Mancat  –  The DJ most likely to wear a tail and carry his hairless sphinx cat to the show in a backpack. An all around amazing guy who is incidentally not really a cat.




That’s our lineup this year and we hope you dig it!!!