Artist Spotlight: AkZhana Abdalieva & Maxim Maximov

Meet artist partners, AkZhana Abdalieva & Maxim Maximov. The duo, who recently took up residence in Oceanside (by way of Kazakhstan) create stunning visuals that aim to inspire “bright expressions of a complex emotional world.” Through imaginative creation, they capture the fluidity of a common character, “She,” who shows up from piece to piece, sharing a new story through vibrant visuals. 

With just a few days until this year’s LeucadiART Walk, get to know AkZhana Abdalieva & Maxim Maximov, two of the 101 talented artists who will be showcasing their work this coming Sunday, August 27th. You can meet AkZhana and Maxim and see their art in person at their booth at the Leucadia Roadside Park on Hwy 101 and Leucadia Blvd. 
















Almaty Republic of Kazakhstan (f.USSR)


Akzhana – Master of Fine Art (Equivalent to PhD) (Turkey Istanbul)
Maxim – Art College (USSR)

Current place of residence:  

Oceanside CA

How do you describe your genre and art. 

Figuratively decorative expressionism. Bright expressions of a complex emotional world.

Who is your main character in your paintings.

She. She is our main character. She travels from canvas to canvas. Constantly escapes from us. She is either vulnerable or gentle. She either cries or laughs, because she is a traveler in a bright world of her unique colorations. She is surrounded by a frank primitive colors. Maybe she is a lost child, without a guide where imaginations and dreams have been weaved together. She experiences a lot of different emotions which teach and help her to find herself. Joy gives place to loneliness, bitterness gives place to hope in expectation of a miracle.

It would have been easy to give her love, but she does not accept it from us, she is in search of her own love. As an artist, we have to keep pace to be chasing her in her imaginations. In what world is she supposed to live? It seems she has already chosen her own world of imaginations and dreams where one hears butterflies flutter which fly toward the light of love. We so wish to catch up with her.

What are you currently inspired by?

In this season, we are inspired by three things in San Diego: the sun, flowers and hummingbirds. This sun is special: it’s not hot and not cold, it’s perfect here and such beautiful sunsets. And the flowers are simply excellent. For the first time in our life we met hummingbirds here, and immediately they magnetized us. We have supplied 10 feeders for them and today many birds live with us. These little mischievous birds please us every day. Here is the best place in the world for life and creativity!

If you could meet and learn from any artist, living or dead, who would you choose?

Gustav Klimt, an Austrian painter and Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velazquez.

How did you first get into art? 

My favorite teacher in elementary school inspired me to paint. He opened the door to the world of art for me. I decided to go to children’s art school. We both studied at a children’s art school. 

How has your work evolved since you first started?

We are constantly changing, I think that in another year we will change a lot. And we are glad of that. Here is an example of how something can affect the artists. We have never seen a hummingbird before, but then we met these beautiful little birds, we changed. Now in our yard more than 10 hummingbirds every day inspire us. Hummingbirds also influenced us and our art has changed. They show us the beauty, and we are grateful, always preparing them a sweet syrup.

In your eyes, what role does art play in building community?

“Art is a means of union among men, joining them together in the same feeling.” – Leo Tolstoy.  

We believe that unity is power. Unity is beautiful. And Beauty helps save the world. In beauty, everything is harmonious.

What does being part of LeucadiART Walk mean to you as a member of our community?

We just moved to San Diego and we really like this city. I have lived in many beautiful cities in Turkey, Europe and Asia, but for us San Diego is the best place in the world. So I want to share the beauty that we have absorbed all over the world with this beautiful society. We take the first steps and very much believe that we will be accepted and we will become a part of this community.
Check out more of their work on their website and come see them during the LeucadiART Walk this Sunday from 10AM-5PM.
Photos submitted by AkZhana Abdalieva & Maxim Maximov, Interview by Cheyenne Arnold

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