The History of LeucadiART Walk with Corner Frame Shop

If you’ve got questions on art, its history and the transformations it has taken in this city, we couldn’t think of anyone better to turn to than Morgan Mallory from the Corner Frame Shop in Leucadia. He’s been around for more years than we can count on one hand and is committed to supporting, creating and preserving the art created by the local artists. Gearing up for this year’s LeucadiART Walk, we spent an afternoon with Morgan to get a little on the history of Leucadia’s creative community through the eyes of someone who’s seen it all and helped to put it on the map. 

How did the Leucadia Frame Shop start?

Well let’s see, I’ve been in California 43 years. I was in real estate and the restaurant business and this opportunity came up. My father who was retired opened an art gallery in Rancho Santa Fe and this shop here on N. Coast Highway 101 in Leucadia. That’s where it began. The gallery lasted 5 or 6 years and now here’s where we are, 32 years later. 

So this is a hybrid space?

We the Corner Frame Shop and Leucadia Art Gallery. The patio is a portion of it. The gallery is mostly local art and having to do something with our community, our geographic location – ocean, island, that kind of genre. 



 How often do you rotate out the art?

It changes little by little but our most prominent artists have a lot of staying power and their themes continue to resonate. Daniella Manini is our latest artist. 

Tell us about your connection with the LeucadiART Walk?

Back in 1987 we founded the Leucadia Art Association which is was a group of 9 galleries and we formed the LeucadiART Walk. It was a weekend event that we did for about 5 years on Saturday and Sunday and culminated with the Leucadia Roadside Park event. The economy got hit and some galleries closed through the attrition of economics so there was a hiatus for about another 5 years and then I was honored to become a member of the Leucadia 101 Main Street Association when they formed and I was their first president. We were able to revive LeucadiART Walk through the stewardship of the association. And since, it has thrived. This is the 13th year of its revival.

What is LeucadiART Walk?

It is a community event of all fine art. A juried show that highlights the great talent that we have in our community and we try to continue to nurture it through this event as well as promotions throughout the year that couple our local artists with small business promotion. Last year’s Small Business Saturday featured Daniela Manini’s ‘Leucadia’ print as a gift with purchase. We estimate that an additional $10,000 was spent in Leucadia while her print was offered and that was a great way to get the word out about her amazing designs as well as stimulate holiday shopping with our local mom and pop shops.

Do you have a favorite LeucadiART Walk or moment from over the years?

Well, every art walk is different. What makes the art walk is the great artists. What’s rewarding for the Main Street, me and other founders of the LeucadiART Walk is that its become such a local, iconic event where people come out and enjoy their community, wander in the streets. There are more people on the streets on that day than any other. 

Are you an artist?

My artistry is to make other people’s art look its best through framing design. We have the largest selection of molding in the county. We feel design is key and consider this an artistry.

Why should people make the Leucadia Corner Frame Shop a stop this year during the LeucadiART Walk?

Because of the wonderful art that we’ll have here. There will be art up and down the street and here inside the gallery we have 14 artists that we represent as well as an additional 11 other artists showing in the adjacent parking lot. There will be live art demos by Virginia Ann Holt who does paintings on silk. We’ve been here waiting for your patiently for you since 1987 to come and see us again. 

Do you have anything else you’d like to share?

What I’ve encouraged since day one in my mission to integrate the arts into our community and development is for everyone to support the arts and local artists. 

Stop by Leucadia Corner Frame Shop on Saturday, August 27th to hear more stories about the history and progression of the LeucadiART Walk and meet one of the originals dedicated to growth of the arts.

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