New Restaurant on the Block: Get to know Bread & Barley

 Leucadia is a community all about supporting locals – from business, to artists to activities. When it comes to food and beverage and the places to find it, this is no different. A passion driven to support and sustain a local economy is the heartbeat that makes this North County neighborhood thrive.

With new businesses popping up monthly, there’s a lot to check out. Driving up and down the 101, you’ll find caf├ęs, taco and coffee shops on nearly every corner with a mix of casual and upscale cuisine sprinkled in between. One that quickly caught our eye, and the eyes of many locals is Bread & Barley. This California grown company recently set up shop in Encinitas up the block from Pannikin next to Birdseye Kitchen and is slowly shifting the perception of burgers, beer and gastropubs with the foundation of everything created being craft. 

We talked to Ray Herrera, owner of their second location here in Encinitas. There’s a lot of curiosity as well as speculation that comes with being the new kids on the block, but with Ray residing here in Encinitas since 1993, there are a few things that the team at Bread & Barley are doing to ensure that even with their unique spin on a traditional gastropub, that they provide a place for the locals to call home.

Passion runs through the veins of all members of the staff. Head chef, Aldon Reyes is only 22, but has been cooking for over 10 years. Preparing meals for his family as a kid and then putting himself through culinary school at 18, he’s been working his way around the kitchen for well over a decade.  Starting his career with Bread & Barley at the Covina location as a suschef, Aldon relocated to Encinitas to lead the culinary program and has carefully crafted a menu worth talking about. Voted Top 12 burger joints by Encinitas Magazine recently, his touch on fresh ingredients ordered daily and house made sauces reflects in every bite. 

Bar manager Michael Sedig’s passion for craft cocktails and demand for unique, locally less known quality beers, wines and spirits. From the well to the back bar and even the 20 tap handles, each item is a cause for conversation. 15 of the 20 tap handles are hand picked California beers from breweries all over the state. They’ve reserved 5 of the taps for local San Diego beers but want to showcase to the locals other brews that they may have not had the chance to try anywhere else. Carefully curating a cocktail menu with some of the most unique cocktails you’ll find on the 101, Michael’s passion for crafting the best cocktail can be seen and tasted in each glass.

Open daily for breakfast and brunch on the weekends, this craft gastropub expands past just a good burger. They’ll be one of the stops supporting and showcasing local artist this Sunday during the LeucadiART Walk and one you should definitely put on your radar to check out. With 3 customary curated pieces by artist, Micaiah Hardison showcasing the day of, it’s a pit stop for a refreshment, snack or even full sit down that you should n’t miss. 

Make sure to try the Wagyu Sliders, Beet and Flank Salad and Fish Tacos while you’re there and wash it down with a Leucadia Sunrise or California brewed beer that you can’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for a little more pep in your step, peruse the cocktail menu for a concoction that will tease your tastebuds.

 Although they may be the new kids around town, Bread & Barley is here to support the local community and provide a unique, craft gastropub experience that you won’t find anywhere else on the block. Stop by this Sunday and see for yourself what all the hype is about. 


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