Meet Robert Mougin of Blue Sky Mediation Center

By nature, resolving serious disputes isn’t a pleasant endeavor — but that’s why Blue Sky Mediation Center aims to make your mediating experience as peaceful as possible. Founded by Robert Mougin, Blue Sky Mediation Center helps clients avoid litigation altogether, their motto being: “Why litigate when you can mediate? Let’s get creative, solve your dispute, and get you peace so you can move on. Blue skies ahead.”

And Robert knows a thing or two about these matters, having successfully mediated over a thousand cases in California, Arizona, and Nevada. That said, it’s no coincidence that Robert chose to run his business out of Encinitas. When getting clients through disputes and back under proverbial blue skies, he knows the actual blue skies and laid back attitude of Encinitas definitely helps. What’s more, Robert and his team serve clients all over San Diego County as well as Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside — making their seaside location a true testament to their love for Encinitas.

Get to know Robert and more about his business in a quick Q+A below:

L101: Why did you open your practice in Encinitas? 

Robert Mougin: I opened Blue Sky Mediation Center here in Encinitas as I saw that there was a need for an alternative dispute resolution center located in North County.  Downtown LA and SD are saturated with mediators, but with all of the new business and development happening in North County, I wanted Encinitas and our neighboring cities to have a truly local resource at their disposal for any and all disputes that they encounter.  As a 21-year litigator, I have seen disputes of all sizes and shapes, from disagreements between neighbors to litigated battles between multi-million dollar companies – and I have personally participated in over 1,000 mediations during that time. As I transition into a more neighborhood centric lifestyle with my wife and eight year old son, I wanted to give back to my community in a way that would utilize my experiences with both litigated and non-litigated disputes.

Where’s your go-to spot in Leucadia for eats or drinks? 

Funny you should ask about “eats and drinks,” because that is what my son calls Priority Public House, which is one of our favorite local spots.  “Hey Dad, are we going to ‘Eats and Drinks’ tonight?” Their combination of having a large selection of local craft beers along with fresh dinner options keep them in our rotation year round. And La Especial Norte is tough to beat for authentic Mexican food – my wife is from New Mexico and is very picky when it comes to anything having to do with green chile.  This is her top choice in all of North County.  Fish 101 is also a staple for us – best fresh fish in town!

What role do you want Blue Sky Mediation Center to play in the community? 

My goal is to become an authentic and reliable resource for all of Encintas – disputes come up in life, whether it be between friends, neighbors, business partners or companies – these things happen. I have witnessed first hand the pitfalls that can be associated with the process of litigation – the costs in time, money, and stress – and I am here to help with all of those things. Whether your dispute is in litigation or not, you can come to Blue Sky and I will work with you to help you find the road to resolution.  I will be a conduit to help my neighbors and their business resolve their disputes and achieve the peace of mind that comes with having these issues behind them. Blue Skies Ahead!


Robert and Blue Sky Mediation Center operate out of the Union CoWork building at 111 C St, Encinitas, CA 92024. If the need arises, just know that Robert is here to help you craft a mutually agreeable solution that gives all parties the ability to put their disputes behind them.

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