Janet Lawless Christ Sponsors Leucadia’s Arts Alive Banners

Encinitas looks forward all year to the day in early spring when the Arts Alive banners are finally revealed to the public during a spectacular gathering spotlighting our city’s talented arts community. Local top-producing realtor Janet Lawless Christ & Co. is this year’s title sponsor of Leucadia 101 Main Street’s […]

ARTS ALIVE 2017 (7)


Letter from the President- 2017 and Beyond

Greetings Fellow Leucadians, 2016 was an incredible year on the Main Street. We hope to collaborate with you in 2017 as we continue to work for our community and vision for the future. As Board President, I have had the opportunity to represent our Board and our members at City […]

Create Room for New Opportunities this Year with Storage West

With a new year comes the opportunity to create space in our lives. Creating space for new possibilities isn’t always just metaphorical space, but real space in the places we need it most: our homes, yards and offices. This year Leucadia 101 Main Street opened a storage unit with Storage […]

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