Leucadia Board of Directors

Leucadia 101 Main Street Mission: To support the Historic Leucadia North Coast Highway 101 Corridor by enhancing its economic and civic vitality, which includes promotion and marketing its vision, fostering partnerships, retail development and a ‘sense of place’ while acting as the lead advocate for its historic preservation and community cultivation through the engagement of all its citizens.”

The Leucadia 101 Main Street Board of Directors are dedicated to the Historic Preservation and Revitalization of Leucadia's N. Coast Hwy. 101 Corridor and provide valuable oversight in guiding the organization, and is actively involved in planning and implementing projects in the Leucadia 101 Main Street program area. These volunteers are elected by Leucadia 101 members and serve a three year term. The Board is made up of property owners and business owners in the Main Street program area, as well as Leucadia residents who are committed to and an advocate for the Main Street philosophy and the goals of the Leucadia 101 Main Street.

Kevin Doyle

Trained as an Industrial Designer, Kevin has worked as a truck driver, an oriental rug salesman, a furniture designer, a screen printer and a computer programmer. In 2003 he and his wife Malin moved from Sweden to Leucadia and opened deepFLING Scandinavian Jewelry on Hwy 101. Kevin's been a member of the our Board since 2005 and is active in our Internet and Graphics development. You can find him each year doing setup at the Leucadia Roadside Park for the LeucadiArt Walk. He tells us that he's most proud of the concrete stamps in our "temporary" sidewalks. Kevin also serves as a planning commissioner for the City of Encinitas.

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Elena Thompson, “E.T.”
Vice President

Elena is a +30 year resident of Leucadia. Elena grew up in La Jolla, CA. and attended UC Santa Barbara where she majored in Political Science/International Relations. Elena is fluent in Spanish and has lived and studied in Barcelona, Spain, Mexico City and Buenos Aires and after having traveled to over 40 countries in the span of her international studies and global business career. She brings to Leucadia 101 Main Street Association solid business experience having served as Director of International Sales and Marketing at various leading technology companies. Since 2000, Elena has been a full-time, award-winning and licensed professional Realtor and co-owner of Seabreeze Coastal Properties, a local real estate company based in Leucadia. Elena has served tirelessly as a volunteer Board Member of L101 since 2008 and has been the Vice President of L101 since 2016. She is known for her public speaking skills at major events and city meetings, the annual State of the Tree Reports and conceiving of the I Love A Clean Leucadia Highway 101 clean-ups among other accomplishments. Elena is also a co-founder of BikeWalkEncinitas.org, a local organization dedicated to improving mobility, bike and ped safety and infrastructure in Encinitas. An avid bicyclist and outdoor enthusiast, Elena wants to see a safe Highway 101 corridor/“Main Street” and “livable streets”, throughout Encinitas where the community can more safely enjoy the town and local businesses. She loves Encinitas and values the “community character” and rich history of the area and is excitedly awaiting the construction of the North Coast Highway 101 Streetscape to be built in Leucadia, which will be Leucadia’s first true “Complete Street” starting in 2018!

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Karolina Harth

Our newest Board Member, installed in September 2019.

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Peter Curry
Economic Development Chair

Peter is a founding board member, and over the years, has served on various committees and in several capacities.  He has been involved in the community since 1990 and is a commercial property owner on Hwy 101.  Peter is passionate about keeping the character of Leucadia, while enhancing its many unique qualities.

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Todd Derr

Todd is the General Manager at the Leucadia Beach Inn (LBI) and Property Manager for Gold Coast Enterprises, owner of the Gold Coast Plaza.   Prior to that, he was the Operations Manager at LEGOLAND California and also coordinated all aspects for the planning and execution of many LEGOLAND Golf Tournaments. One of his goals in 2012 at LBI was to bring more synergy to local businesses in and around our Inn, and he wants to use this model with the Leucadia 101 site.  There are so many businesses that can work together to help drive business to each other’s store fronts.  Spending the last ten years involved in this community, he has seen all the great things Leucadia 101 has done and looks forward to being a part of its future growth and impact.

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Charles Marvin

Charles is a 40-year resident of Leucadia, and is now a retired attorney.  Charley is a Founding Board member and served as President 2008-2010.  He and his wife own the Leucadia Beach Inn and the Gold Coast Boutique Shopping Center on Hwy 101 in Leucadia.  For the last 35 years, he has devoted time and support for the revitalization of Leucadia 101’s business district, and continues to do so.

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Michael Marckx

Michael is CDO of Creative Disruption, a virtual agency with a focus on helping organizations and institutions creatively disrupt the status quo. Until recently, Marckx served as president/CEO of SPY Inc., a brand he was hired to turnaround in 2011.  He has also served on the Board of Directors for the Surfrider Foundation, including three years as Chairman of the Board. A frequent lecturer on Marketing, Branding and Culture, he enjoys sharing about the pitfalls of running a brand while offering ideas on the creation of success. He also serves various executive and advisory capacities for SUPERbrand, Monuments of Cycling, Monster Media Racing, Modern Technocracy, Leucadia 101 and the San Diego Sports Innovators. A former amateur world champion and US National team member, Marckx has enjoyed being an athlete in several sports. Currently a Category 1 bicycle racer, avid surfer and musician, Marckx keeps it funky in Leucadia with his wife and two children, who love the ocean and music as much as he does.

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Michael Schmitt

Michael grew up on Long Island, NY and graduated from the University of Notre Dame before moving to Leucadia in 2009. Michael instantly fell in love with Leucadia. In 2010 Michael founded Summer Fun on the 101 Leucadia’s Music Festival which has grown into a highly anticipated and beloved community event.  Michael hosts regular poetry and music gatherings at Ducky Waddle’s, the Encinitas Library, and Bar Leucadian.  He coordinates all of the music for the Leucadia 101 Main Street events and was recently awarded Director of the Year in 2015. He strives to promote the vibrant arts scene and local businesses through his work as a Leucadia 101 Main Street Board member.

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Nathan Mertz

Nathan loves Leucadia!  Nathan is a 21 year resident of Encinitas, and loves all that this city has to offer.  In his free time he and his wife and hit the beach, surf and enjoy everything about this special place.  When we are not doing that, they are either traveling or working on our 64 year old house in Leucadia. Nathan graduated from SDSU with a degree in Urban Planning.  He also has a masters degree from CSULB. He has 16 years experience in planning and construction management. Having an in depth knowledge of the N. Coast Hwy 101 corridor and the N. Coast Hwy 101 Streetscape project, he will be a crucial resource for the Main Street and the businesses as the project moves through the approval process and enters the construction phase. Most recently he worked with Main Street Oceanside as the Project Manager for the Mission Avenue Improvement Project in downtown Oceanside.  This complete street project converted a four lane road into a two lane one way street couplet over four city blocks.  These improvements allowed for wider sidewalks, outdoor dinning, bicycle facilities, enhanced landscaping and lighting, parallel and reverse angle parking and storm water treatment facilities.  The end result of this multi-year planning and construction project has stimulated corridor businesses by attracting additional customers from the beach and new business start ups.  The project was awarded an Active Transportation Grant from SANDAG in the amount of $1.5 million which Nathan administered as well. He looks forward to supporting Leucadia 101 in any way he can!

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Nikolas Harth

Nikolas was born and raised in Leucadia. He has spent his whole life enjoying the amazing lifestyle that Leucadia provides, and now he believes it is time for to give back. Nikolas represents local business owners and brings a sense of inclusion for his generation to the Main Street community in an effort to create a greater unity in our community as a whole. Being a local business owner, he is invested in maintaining the lifestyle he grew up with, and the success of Leucadia for future generations.

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Tammy Temple

Tammy is a longtime business development consultant recently completing three years with Dwell magazine as a member of their executive leadership team in midtown Manhattan.   Tammy is an avid cyclist and runner and has woven her passion for sports throughout her career.  She opened the first of its kind, nationwide women’s cycling boutique Studio Velo Women and managed Endurance Performance Training Center, working with professional and amateur cyclists and triathletes, both located in Mill Valley, Ca. Nonprofits close to Tammy’s heart are Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation and the local Challenged Athletes Foundation, where she worked and volunteered for 10-years. Currently living in Encinitas and working in Leucadia, Tammy is a proud military mom, and in her free-time enjoys all aspects of the Coastal California lifestyle with her main squeeze, David.  Tammy and David have carved out a unique minimalist life which includes being car-free, while taking advantage of mass transit and their bikes for getting around.  Their favorite pastimes are experiencing local restaurants, arts and music. Incorporating her architecture and design background, along with her experience as a facilitator, Tammy is passionate about working with local residents, real estate development groups, and city government to help this magical coastal community continue to grow and thrive with thought and purpose.

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Leucadia 101 Main Street Staff

Annika Walden
Interim Executive Director

A Leucadia resident for over 10 years, Walden looks forward to representing her community and the vision of the organization to advocate for historic preservation, support a thriving business district, and contribute to a vital and engaged citizenry in Leucadia. Annika's previous experience as the Executive Director of Cardiff 101 Main Street Association will serve her as she gained significant experience in events, public affairs, organizational management, public policy, program development, marketing, and economic development. Most recently Annika played an integral part of the launch and opening of Surfhouse Boutique Hotel.

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