History of Leucadia

In 2003 the Leucadia 101 Main Street was born.  Residents, business owners, and property owners, many of whom historically did not “get along” or had differing social and political objectives decided to get to the table and create a volunteer based organization to help revitalize and restore our Historic Hwy 101 corridor and commercial district.

They decided to use the Main Street Model as it has proven to be a successful tool in revitalizing small towns in our 21st century. This model helps keep small towns relevant while placing a huge emphasis on historic preservation and community character. Inspired by the  renaissance of local business, arts and culture in Downtown Encinitas those founding Leucadia Main Street board members looked to the  Downtown Encinitas Main Street Association who had been providing leadership, insight and enthusiasm during that time of revitalization.

Stakeholders in the North Coast 101 Corridor recognized DEMA’s positive influence and decided to form Leucadia 101. Leucadia 101 has played a pivotol role in the implementation of the North 101 Corridor Specific Plan. Leucadia 101 also recognizes the need to address the drainage problems facing the region. Additionally, Leucadia 101 will also administer the Facade Improvement Program funded by the city.

Here are some of our major accomplishments over the past 10 years:

  • Creating the Leucadia Entry sign
  • Starting the Adopt a Plant Median project
  • Founding the extremely popular Leucadia Farmers Market in 2005
  • Aiding the Leucadia streetscape design process and facilitation
  • Encouraging historic renovations and storefront improvements through our façade grant program
  • Facilitating the installation of the temporary sidewalks and the design of the sidewalk stamp along N. Coast Hwy 101
  • Reviving the LeucadiART Walk in 2004
  • Starting Summer Fun on the 101, Leucadia’s Music Festival in 2010
  • Reviving the Taste of Leucadia: Food for thought
  • Creating and promoting special projects and events such as Light Up Leucadia, Howl-O-ween, and The Encinitas JoyRide.
  • Promoting our locally owned and operated business along N Coast Hwy 101 and Vulcan
  • Becoming a Certified Main Street program in 2012
  • Creating a safe family friendly atmosphere where residents and visitors alike can use our downtown.

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