A Local Treasure: Coastal Animal Hospital

August 22, 2018

If you're furry, there's no better veterinary office to be at than Coastal Animal Hospital in Leucadia. The dedicated staff, from their vets to the crew at the front desk, have a genuine love for animals of all kinds.

Coastal Animal Hospital opened in 2011 right next door to Lou's Records. Besides providing routine care for dogs and cats, they are also known across southern California for providing minimally invasive surgery for pets. Besides being really cool, this saves pets from feeling as much pain when they have to go through a routine procedure and gets them back to dog park only after a few days instead of weeks with some traditional surgeries. Coastal Animal Hospital is also one of the first veterinary hospitals in the country to embrace and use telemedicine as another way of examining pets. They can perform recheck examinations through a medical video conferencing app to evaluate progress and make recommendations. If technology frightens you, but you (or your pet) still prefer not to leave the comfort of your home, they also can leave their modern facility and provide an old fashioned housecall - living up to their tagline of "Modern medicine, Classic Service." 

While they strive to provide modern, gold-standard care, they also realize that not all pets have the resources to receive even the most basic care. It was after working in an emergency setting and watching people make a decision day after day to euthanize their beloved pet because they couldn't afford the life-saving treatment that Dr. Evans started the HANA Fund, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to prevent what is termed "economic euthanasia" as well as providing routine wellness care to needy families. Their annual fundraiser, Food Truck Monday is a great community event that features food trucks, live music, and an all ages beer and wine garden. 

One local dog owner took her beloved pet in during a scary time for her and her dog, a time that was compounded because her pet insurance company deemed her dog's issue a pre-existing condition. Brian Evans DVM, took matters into his own hands, pooled resources from his staff and took care of the bill for the dog owner. Just one example of the truly remarkable and loving team at Coastal Animal Hospital. We are truly blessed, humans and animals alike, to have Coastal Animal here in Leucadia. Learn more about Dr. Evans' non-profit at HANAPETFUND.org.

They love animals and having a good time, which is why each year for the LeucadiART Walk, they host a haiku contest; the winner's poem displayed on their iconic marquee. Make sure to stop by the Craft Beer Garden (at the Public Priority House parking lot), presented by Coastal Animal at LeucadiART Walk this Sunday, August 26 and walk by their offices to see the winning haiku!

Mark your calendars for their annual cancer screening day every November which is a more affordable way to check senior pets for cancer. 

Learn more about Coastal Animal's modern approach here and follow them on Instagram (their Pet of the Day posts are so fun!) at @coastalanimal.

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