Artist Highlight: David Wien

March 26, 2021

David Wien is a multi-media artist from Manchester, Vermont. A graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2002, David studied Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, and Art History.

Currently 40 years of age, David has been living around the Pacific Northwest for the past 15 years.

We're so excited to have David be a part of Vernal Reverie, this season's Virtual Art Auction!

Photo: Matt Titone

1. What is the main inspiration or theme that influences your subject matter / style?  

This is a hard question but its good. I think if I had to boil things down to a main inspiration or theme that repeats in my work, I would have to say that ART itself is the biggest influence. Not to sound overly-generic, but I'm really inspired by so much art that has been made throughout history- there is so much diversity and endless worm-holes in the worlds of ART, for me its sort of my religion. I like to think that all artists are basically having one big conversation, and maybe ultimately what I am saying is "its about ART".

2. What do you aim to accomplish with your pieces?

Well I don't know if I think of it that way. As far as accomplishing anything, when I start to make a piece, I usually hope to accomplish finishing the piece. Other than that, I think I hope to accomplish the therapy that comes with having an art practice, I certainly hope to get lost in the making of the work, but thats not so much an accomplishment. I think lately I have been trying to think in an anti-accomplishment mindset. Meaning, if I front-load a bunch of hopes for accomplishment onto the creation of a piece, it creates a pressure that's only self-imposed and not very helpful to me. That being said, I really like when people have a reaction to my work. I think if I do have an ultimate aim for accomplishment with my work, it would be to somehow stay true enough to myself that i'm never trying to please anybody else, and to make art that is still accessible and can be enriching for other people.

3. Do you feel like your art or creative process has been affected by the pandemic?

Ha ha, I'd rather not get into it! I have been sort of dislodged from having a studio and a steady "home" for about the past 10 months.

4. Do you ever find yourself in a creative-block? If so, what do you do to overcome that?

Sure! Who doesn't? Two things:

1. It is okay and necessary to take breaks. Its important to have a well-balanced life. It shouldn't be a requirement for anyone to be "creative" if your basic needs aren't being met.

2. Sometimes its just muscle atrophy. Its good to just go through the motions, make things for the inertia of process. My ideas usually come while I'm in the process of making something else. If you are really stumped I think its okay to study art history, make studies from who you consider to be "masters"- they probably did that too.

5. What do you like to do when you aren't painting?

Surfing, eating, road-tripping.

6. What are your top 3 favorite songs you are listening to right now?

Dur Dur Band - Saafiyeey Makaa Saraayeey

The Cleaners from Venus - The Jangling Man

Robert Wyatt- Born again Cretin

7. Do you have a favorite mantra, quote, or piece of advice to pass down to other artists?

I dont have any mantras or quotes.. I'm not sure if this would help other people, but lately I have been saying to myself:

Don't try to show off or try to be impressive. If its complicated or difficult, simplify or avoid it. Just get down your idea and move on.

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