Changing Tides Foundation Makes Waves in Leucadia

June 11, 2018

Plastic waste is a huge problem. But the women at Changing Tides Foundation want to change that! This female-run non-profit specializes in sustainable and conscious living, while at home and on the road. With their adventure shop, they supply travelers with everything needed to "adventure consciously"; from bamboo utensils to reef-safe sunscreen. And by partnering with other non-profit organizations around the world, they pair travelers with local groups so that travelers can give back and serve the communities they visit. Started in 2016, Changing Tides Foundation has already accomplished so much in just two years: from disaster relief in the Caribbean to bringing clean water to communities in Mexico to their "Plastic Swear Jar" challenge, which helped people realize how much single use plastic they were using. So while their work may focus on communities in need around the world, Changing Tides is also bringing their passion and expertise to our local community!

Here are a few things Changing Tides Foundation is looking forward to accomplishing in our community.

-To raise awareness to our individual daily single-use plastic consumption though our Plastic Swear Jar Challenge and offer viable solutions, encouraging people to take our I SWEAR TO BE AWARE pledge.

-To help keep Leucadia’s beaches clean by organizing beach cleanups and encouraging individuals to pick up trash around the streets and beaches of Leucadia on their own

-To help educate and promote the reduction of single-use plastics still being used in Encinitas such as bags, straws, utensils, lids, etc…

-To be a resource for the local Leucadia community in raising awareness to the marine pollution problem locally and globally.

-To collaborate with like-minded local social and eco enterprises and artists to promote sustainable living, conscious travel and responsible consumption

 Make sure to stop by the Changing Tides Foundation booth at this year's Summer Fun on the 101 event, held in Leucadia Roadside Park on June 23, to learn more about this awesome local organization. Learn more at

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