Collective Introspection: Meet the Artists

November 20, 2020
•⁠⁠ Meet the Artists of Collective Introspection •⁠⁠

We are beyond excited and proud to announce Leucadia 101's first Virtual Art Auction!
Due to COVID we have had to cancel all our annual events this year, one of them being LeucadiART Walk, which was a tremendous opportunity for local artists and musicians to play and display their work to 8,000 attendees. In lieu of the event, we have decided to curate a one-of-a-kind virtual art auction this holiday season. ⁠⠀
Collective Introspection looks into a truly challenging year for all of us, and thru the expression of many mediums by 10+ artists, alongside limited edition posters and prints with proceeds going back to the artist and L101. ⁠⠀

Bidding OPENS December 4th HERE

"No More Kings"
1.5 ft tall 5lbs
Washer machine safe: temp safe up to 1,000 + degrees

Chase Hartman and John Jaspert are two artists from Oceanside, CA. Their collaboration of pottery and the carvings on them, is inspired by the the two artists up bringing and their passion for their culture that they have been surrounded by in coastal California.

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Handcut + Painted Flamingo
64" x 38"

Pepä's artwork is both inspired by, and a result of her nomadic surfer lifestyle.

"I have chosen a life less ordinary in pursuit of my creative passion, and in doing so I have made my Art my Life. What I create, is Who I am. My Art and my Life is constant and evolving exploration of travel, culture, nature, design, surfing, horses, photography, tarot, color, textures, textile, taoism, and all things tropical."

All of Pepä's artwork is created by hand, with her preferred medium being acrylic paint on canvas or wood. However, her formal training in Graphic Design (specializing in Textile Prints) has influenced her art; alongside blending the traditional artistic techniques with computer-based Design, has been instrumental in developing her unique style.

"I believe magic is created through collaboration, therefore working with a talented team of like-minded individuals to create bespoke Artistic pieces that contribute to a beautifully curated space is my favorite form of creative expression."

To date, she has painted over 200 murals and countless pieces of custom artwork that are on display in residential, commercial and retail settings in:
California, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Peru.

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"Wet Noodles II"
13" x 9.5"
Watercolor on Arches lightweight paper

Laura Fischer's sculptures are intended to be building sites, or places of production, where she can perform patience, practice, discipline, and work. Her tendency to seek discipline and control through the means of a systematic process is often met with her other tendency to act intuitively and seek beauty in a finished object. Inconsistency and contradiction—despite proper planning and attentiveness—are outcomes that she often faces in the studio, and are welcome characters in her series of sculptures. Her recent series of forms foraged from nature explores knotted structures—one of the oldest gestures known by mankind.  Through this ancient textile technique, the work touches on themes of persistent patterns and habits, cycles, loops, and cumulative ghosts.  The impulse to repeat, repeating sequences across changing landscapes.  Compulsory, obsessed, possessed and bound by inherited behavior.

Laura holds an MFA from San Francisco State University and a BA from Colorado College. Her work has been exhibited at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, Headlands Center for the Arts, Øgaard, and The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.

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This 30.5" x 42.5" piece features a photo of a surfer walking away from a quiet sunset session at the end of summer in San Diego. The ebony frame was handmade, crafted, and stained by Daniel DeLauder, a carpenter in Fallbrook while the mat was hand-cut in Vista. Jack sourced these materials, shot the photo, and put this piece together himself as a true North County labor of love.

Jack Antal is a photographer from North County, San Diego. Growing up on the coast of Southern California, Jack has developed a true passion for the ocean, surfing, and adventure—all of which are reflected through his photography.

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Growing Up is Hard but Beautiful
28" x 40"

This piece represents the strength it took all of us to grow during this time. The bouquet is made of rust- resistant metal-  frozen in forever growth. The individually, hand-bend flowers are bundled together in a pewter vase found at a local thrift shop. Medium: wire, styrofoam, paint, in pewter vase.

Meet Loryn Cook, a San Diego based artist with a love of many mediums. At an early age she developed a passion for drawing and sculpture, which later expanded to greater areas of creative design. Loryn worked as a freelance creative director during her time at the University of California, Berkeley. She received a certificate in Design Innovation while also earning a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture.  Loryn participated in multiple creative projects during and after her time there, positions which included Set Design Director for F.A.S.T., Music and Art Director for the California Alumni Association, glassblowing apprentice at Revere Studio- and currently include painting a 50ft mural on the exterior wall of the design firm she works at on the 101.

While her day-job is in architectural design, Loryn fills mostly all of her free time with pottery, painting, metal sculpture, and any other medium she can get her hands on.

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"The Cliffs in Spring"
9" x 6"

Jonny Alexander comes to us with an introspective look at our natural planet. Growing up in California and spending his time exploring the state’s deserts, mountains and coastlines his art sheds light on the intricate patterns of the natural environment and the varying forms it takes.

His work across varied mediums include Large Scale Public Murals, Design, Branding, Traditional Fine Art Printmaking, and Installations.  All of this is backed by a healthy studio practice for Gallery, Commissioned paintings and exploration. Alexander has completed public murals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, San Diego, Miami, Denver, Mexico and New Zealand. He has worked with commercial clients including Juneshine, Patagonia, Bumble, Outside Lands, Subaru, Element Skateboards, Boost Mobile, Juxtapoz Magazine, Armada Skiis and more.

Jonny Alexander now resides in California and works out of his studio in the neighborhood of North Park in San Diego. You may find him at any given time in his studio painting small details, out working on large scale murals, having bad posture at his computer doing design work, or possibly outside somewhere crouched down looking very closely at a stick or some rocks.

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Simplicity; Comfort
Stucco, wax medium and graphite on a wood cradled board, ready for hanging.

Simplicity; Comfort shows a series of motifs inspired by nature that have come to me since moving to Encinitas at the end of 2018. As I've walked the idyllic streets in my Leucadia neighborhood, I've been spellbound by the plant life, nearly convinced it's speaking to me about something much bigger than ourselves. The palms reaching for the skies, bamboo swaying in the breeze, the flowers showing their faces; they take on meaning and give a visual rallying cry whenever I'm in need of uplifting. This piece was completed during the early months of quarantine. Now more than ever I've needed that visual rallying cry, a reminder that we are all growing and lifting ourselves upward each day despite it all. Creating it was a meditation, as laying down stucco with a tiny palette knife between the lines is a slow methodical process. Looking at it, too, is a meditation. Its surface changes in the light, a monochrome field given dimension by contrasts in texture.

Aurora Mazzei is an artist and writer based in Encinitas. She grew up all over the US, and spent formative years in New York City. She studied printmaking and sculpture at Smith College. Her work has been exhibited in the Boston Printmaker's Biennial and in NY boutique galleries. Aurora was honored to have her work included in the 2019 28th Annual Juried Exhibition at the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, in La Jolla, CA.She is inspired by nostalgia, and explores the place where nature's beauty and man made decorative flourishes intersect. She plays with material properties to experiment in her process, seeking a tactile pleasure that comes from contrast, and to give her paintings a sculptural, dimensional effect.

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"Barrel (Left) + Grandview (Right)"
16" x 20"

"My intention is that this art to become a tool that provides an opportunity for you to introspect every time you see this. I didn’t create this to express “A World of Introspection”. A surfer in the graphic is you, that is going toward(hopeful) future. Each color of the wave represents difficulties you have overcome so far and that you are now struggling with. Now you are gazing the graphic objectively. What do you see? I created this graphic to work in both horizontal and vertical way.

One of the best ways for me to do introspection would be soaking myself in the water. I believe all surfers do the same. Once they are in the position where waiting for sets, they unconsciously start their process of organizing what they are struggling with. This graphic is created to capture the scene to share it with people who don’t surf. Of course, they have their own way to do introspection, but I wanted this graphic to provide another opportunity for them to do introspection or deeper meditation, each time they see this graphic."

Printed at 2nd Street printing on Matte Cardstock + Framed at Corner Frame Shop with UV Glass

Kuni Kobashi is a graphic artist and photographer from Tokyo who now resides in Carlsbad. He's a surfing enthusiast, passionate yogi and used to be a semi-professional musician back in the day. His creation journey has begun since. After his music career slowed down, he was offered to join Sony Music and started working in the business management department. A decade later, he moved on and found this as an awesome opportunity to re-explore who he felt he always was – a creator; and aims to bring people the joys of smiles, laughs and chill vibes with his artwork.

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12" x 18"

Blanks stacked in a warehouse on top of cement. Hard to make out the shapes and sizes as each board fades into the background. This is a stage where they're not caressed or loved. They're imperfect, dull, unfinished. Contrary to what you see out in the water, but still.  

Steven Borja was born and raised in Miami, Florida. After living and working as a director and photographer here in Leucadia for the past several years, he's found a new beach to call home.



"Coastal Kind"
22" x 28"
Enamel on canvas

Art is an essential part of who LaMonte Lamoureux is.  Finding time in the late evening hours after work, he paints in his garage studio, drawing from coastal experiences and finds cool comfort with each brush stroke.  His work reverberates with a search for coastal serenity and design.  Largely self-taught in the craft, he will often complete his work with a custom fit hand-built wood floating frame; constructed in the same garage.  You can view his work on the south outside wall of the Seaside Market, hanging at Fowler’s Boutique and in the homes of Leucadia neighbors.  This is his second year supporting Leucadia 101.  He lives in Cardiff by the Sea, with his wife Michelle and 2 daughters.

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24" x 36"
Acrylic on heavy weight canvas

Zachary J Smith, known across the web as ‘Joepie’, is a graphic artist and painter living and creating in Encinitas, California with his wife and son. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, his work now draws inspiration from the landscapes, color, and textures of his new home here on the west coast.

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"Pure Rage"
9'' x 13.5''
Handbuilt speckled stone-ware with glaze painted design. *Not food safe- for decorative or display purposes only.

Annie Purpura, aka Hola Tonto Ceramics, is a Chicago-born artist based in Oceanside, CA. Annie received her BFA with an emphasis in photography from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009. She has since then lived and worked in New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Her work embodies humor and is often bizarre.  It challenges the mundane, and champions weirdos.  It is loud and expressive and is ultimately influenced by nature and punk rock.

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“To Beacons”
24" x 16"
B&W photo on stretched canvas, hand colored with acrylics

"In my work, I enjoy conveying a story of a place with a history. I love bold textures as these are created by passing time, therefore putting emphasis on bygone days.In particular, I aim to show the beauty that exists in human-made wooden, concrete and steel structures contrasting with soft organic forms from nature.My favorite subjects are industrial objects, ghost towns and coastal themes with an element of human origin in it. To obtain my goal I portray these by high-contrast black and white photographs and hand color the photographs with an oil based paint, using similar techniques as in the early days of photography. My frames have a relation with the subject matter, such that the final product is integrated whole."

Born in Geleen, the Netherlands in 1973, early on Roy was interested in visual arts: his father taught him to draw when he was 3-4 years old. He became fascinated by the paintings of the Dutch Masters and later became interested in photography when his parents bought a small point-and-shoot camera for him when he was around 10 years old.

Roy moved to San Diego in 2003 to become a scientist at UC San Diego (having a PhD in bioengineering) and became a self-taught photographer. He founded Eyeball Photography with his wife Marie in 2008, which became Roy Kerckhoffs' Art in 2014. Earlier in that year, he gave up his profession and career as a scientist to pursue a full time career as an artist and photographer.

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20" x 32"
Acrylic on 1.5" wood panel

California native and artist, Kate Joiner, lives in Carlsbad, California and uses her life experiences within her art as a representation of her community.

As a painter and multimedia artist, I continually explore the human persona using our California landscape as a backdrop. I am equally happy working on small paintings or large-scale as long as a message and intrigue can be conveyed within each one.”

Kate also teaches painting locally at corporate and private events. Kate received her BFA with an emphasis in Multi-Media from San Diego State University. Her work has recently been shown at the San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park and The Oceanside Museum of Art.

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"Valley Bloom"

Creme, white, grey, ivory, taupe, dusty blue and muted terracotta textured multi medium abstract landscape painting inspired by the sprawling fields of the Central Coast. Composed of acrylic, oil, watercolor and tissue, butcher and rice paper on canvas.

Charley Taylor is a 33 year old Latina artist and designer living and working in Oceanside. Artwork features warm, neutral colors in bright or muted tones with subjects inspired by the human form, earth and nature, sexuality, self love and astrology.

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"My Wave"
28 5/16" x 36 11/16"

High quality digital print on medium on art paper.

It is an interpretation of the amount of surfers in the lineup since the covid 19 bomb was dropped on all of us, And the social reaction that we are experiencing.

Joel Kaneshiro is a southern california native that has been surfing and making art since he was a child. Living in Leucadia for the past 20 years has given him the opportunity to get closer to the community that he has grown to love and admire. "There are so many talented artists and surfers in this region of California, and they all keep me inspired to keep making art."

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11" x 14"
Acrylic and gouache on hand built and stained wood panel

Laurie is a French-born and raised painter based in San Diego, California. She grew up in Southern France, fascinated by various forms of craftsmanship and utilitarian art surrounding her. Evolving in a society where artisanal labor is devalued and replaced by machines, Laurie sees beauty in the slow and laborious process of crafting things by hand, however wonky the outcome might be. Through her work, she is hoping to show that refusing to take shortcuts and choosing the longer path allows for more introspective time to examine and connect with one’s thoughts and feelings.

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22" x 30"
Printed on metal

"Evolve is a mixed medium piece including layered images and paint. A protea flower is the focal point expanding and opening amongst light that rises to the top of the piece. The colors of pink, white and turquoise are fresh, bright and invigorating eliciting calm and hope.
These current times have called us to evaluate ourselves, our systems and beliefs to expand to a greater good for all. This piece developed from a renewed sense of excitement for where we are headed utilizing each of our unique abilities and creativity to arrive there."

Jeannine Moeder is inspired by travel, yoga and meditation. She utilizes a combination of acrylics, ink, photographs, paper and textiles in her light-filled mixed-media art. Insight and peace are evoked from her work which evolves from an intuitive process of editing and layering photos from travel experience that has expanded her consciousness and mind while inspiring others to create and connect to their higher self. Her artwork has landed in private collections, events, shows, retail shops and galleries including: Soulscape, Soul of Yoga, Earth's Elements in Encinitas, Laguna and Hermosa Beach and L.E.A.F- Live Enlightened and Free as well as wellness, meditation and yoga centers worldwide. Jeannine has also been a designer of jewelry, floral and events.

Born in New Jersey, Jeannine has always held a sacred space for art. She completed college on the east coast and moved west to Los Angeles for work in the social service field; followed by San Diego which became home twenty years ago. She has an undergraduate degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Counseling. Her career in education and the non-profit sector have provided her opportunities to teach, counsel, coach, develop and manage programs as well as plan events for organizations serving the homeless, at-risk and foster youth, as well as individuals with Alzheimer's disease and dementia in Los Angeles and San Diego. She began teaching art, Japanese Manga and Cartooning, more than twelve years ago in an enrichment program for youth and continues to teach in that program with students in grades fifth - high school . Jeannine has over seven years of teaching experience in therapeutic painting and drawing classes weaving her therapy experience with her art teaching in individual and group classes. She is passionate about the power of art: the cathartic healing, mood elevating, confidence building, memory eliciting and voice providing. She also volunteers in her daughter's art program at school.

Her current artwork is mixed-media work inspired by travels in Japan, Thailand, Morocco and Bali. She has donated her work to support organizations such as the Louis Merrill Carcinoid Foundation, The YMCA for at-risk youth and women's leadership groups.

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