Danielle Black Lyons: Inspired by the Water

October 26, 2020

Meet Danielle Black Lyons - working with a combination of acrylic paint, wood and eco-resin, her paintings come from a deep love of surfing and her native California.

1.  Where are you from? Berkeley, CA

2.  Did you study art at any particular institution, or self taught? I took art classes in high school and college, but am mainly self taught.

3.  What are some of your other hobbies? I love to surf!

4.  What is the main subject or theme of your art pieces?  Where do you get your inspiration from? Much of my inspiration for my art comes from the sea and riding waves. I love to paint surfers and waves.

5.  Why do you think it's important to support small businesses? Supporting small business stimulates your local community, plus they have smaller carbon footprints than bigger businesses.

6.  Do you feel like your art or creative process has been affected by the pandemic? Yes, it's actually inspired a lot of my recent work. I've had time to create and try new things.

7.  What would you like to do next? I'm super eager to travel internationally again when it's safe. I find so much inspiration exploring new spaces. For now while I'm home, I have two old surfboards I plan to turn into wall art.

8.  What do you like to do when you aren't painting? I enjoy spending time with my family and getting my hands dirty in my garden.

9. What additional actions do you feel can make an impact in supporting small businesses? You can support in so many other ways; comment, share and promote their work with your network and community if it's something you enjoy!

10. What is your favorite music to listen to? I listen to a lot of reggae and island/world music stations

Keep up with Danielle here:


Instagram: @salty.sol

Facebook: Saltysolartworks

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