Design with Purpose: aTana Bags

April 23, 2018

Even if you live under a rock, if that rock is in Encinitas, you’ve probably picked up that we're a pretty eco-friendly bunch around here. And it’s our community’s devotion to sustainability and eco-living that is a huge source of inspiration for Angie and Todd, owners of aTana Bags, a line of eco-urban bags and accessories which started here in Encinitas. And with a recent report stating that an estimated 68 million adult Americans make purchasing decisions based on their personal values (social, and environmental), aTana knows that this movement reaches far beyond our 92024 zip code. Read on to learn more about Angie, Todd and aTana Bags.

How did you end up in Encinitas? Todd and I have lived all over Leucadia since the early 90' a hidden duplex in the alley behind what used to be Sub Palace (now Moto Deli), La Mesa Ave, Hermes (2 places) and Hymettus. Todd has been surfing since he was a kid and I was loving the local yoga vibe that was just starting back then. We would not pick any other place to start a business. We love it here...great community, vibe, beaches, shops and restaurants.

What's the best part of running your business out of Encinitas? Hmmm...that is a tough question. I would have to say the inspiration Encinitas provides. There is so much creativity here. Also, a lot of people here make green choices and care deeply about the environment. We feel Encinitas (community and retailers) support and look for companies who create eco-conscious products. We believe people are looking for ethical, sustainable and high quality products. They no longer want fast fashion. We hope to fill a niche with our eco-urban bags. A lot of folks currently buy organic food, organic clothes, but bags and accessories are just now growing in this space.

What are your favorite places to eat in Leucadia? We are really lucky to have so many great restaurants in would be impossible to pick one. Because our team is a mixture of vegan, gluten-free, and no-restrictions at is the breakdown, for our mostly vegan co-founder, definitely Peace Pies and Birdseye Kitchen. For our non-vegan team, Fish 101 and Pandora Pizza.  

Favorite activities and/or beaches in Leucadia/Encinitas? You will find us walking our border collie rescue up-and-down 101. Surfing, yoga, running, SUP, and music festivals are the current favs. Beaches....we go to all of them from Leucadia to Cardiff.

You can find aTana bags at Four Moons Spa and online at Follow them on Instagram at @atanabags and like them on Facebook at

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Lifelong Leucadia resident, lover of Stonesteps & Birdseye.

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