Handcrafted Vessel Drums Making Sweet Sounds at Summer Fun

June 17, 2019

Preston Parsons has been handcrafting drums in Encinitas for Vessel Drum Company since 2008. His kits and snares can be found back lining the biggest shows in town from the Bro Am to the Belly Up and now in 2019 at Summer fun on the 101 happening Saturday June 22nd at Leucadia Roadside Park! Parsons moved from Texas to San Diego in 2004 to learn the craft of drum making under the tutelage of Paul Bleifuss. He's become a master craftsman in his own right since his mentor's passing in 2007.

Each individual Vessel Drum is meticulously made by Parson's own two hands. He loves a natural wood finish and drums come made to order in maple, mahogany and birch. Vessels can be custom dyed or wrapped in just about any design you can dream up. Two of our favorite Vessel custom jobs tap into the local resources of Encinitas: the ocean and skate culture.

Dig this gorgeous "Ocean Patina" snare made from brass with a kelp,  water and seaweed wrap.

The finished product is stunning!

A recent collaboration with San Francisco based Prisma Guitars resulted in this radical snare made from used skateboard decks.

Vessel drums are naturally a favorite brand of top local drummers. New Leaf will be dropping their reggae stylings for the Summer Fun fanatics this Saturday at 5PM and drummer Scotty Clayton raves about keeping time with his Vessel kit.

"Vessels are hands down the nicest drums I've ever had the pleasure of performing on."

Evan Caleb Yearsley, drummer for Casey Hensley (performing at Summer Fun from 12:50-1:30PM ) is also a big proponent of Vessel Drums.

If you're looking for some of the sweetest sounding and raddest looking drums out there, look no further than Encinitas' own Vessel Drum Company. Drop Preston Parsons a line today for the kit of your dreams to be handcrafted with integrity!

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