Introducing North County Natural Medicine

March 30, 2018

North County has always been a mecca for the health conscious, but now more than ever, it seems that Leucadia is becoming a world renown destination for health and wellness. The newest wellness center to join the ranks is North County Natural Medicine. Lead by Naturopathic Doctors Dr. Sandison ND and Dr. Ari Kasprowicz ND, this team of healers provides health and nutrition coaching, acupuncture and massage therapy, as well as crystal and reiki therapy.

Their office, which is on Vulcan Ave, boasts a calming and subdued atmosphere; instantly relaxing. Their beautiful outdoor patio also serves as an IV station, where patients can reap the benefits of their forthcoming LiveO2 oxygen therapy. We sat down with Dr. Sandison to learn more about the work they do, including helpful tips on balancing hormones, and why they #loveleucadia.

How did NCNM come to be?

NCNM was born when Dr. Sandison and her naturopathic assistant, Jamie, realized they could provide a better healthcare experience. Their vision was of a healing environment with friendly, helpful and healthy staff. In June of 2017 after working together for a couple of years they set out to make the vision a reality. NCNM opened its doors in Leucadia on November 1st, 2017. 

Why did NCNM want to open up in Leucadia?

Leucadia is a reflection of everyone on the team at NCNM. We are connected to the ocean, committed to a living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying life, and love being a part of a close community. We couldn't imagine a more perfect place than Leucadia!

Out of all your treatments, which ones are the most exciting/unique/forward thinking to you?

We offer IV therapies to nourish, rejuvenate and restore healthy function in the body. We offer IVs for rehydration, immune function, heavy metal chelation, mineral replacement, vibrant skin, pre and post surgery and addiction/withdrawal support. We are currently introducing the LiveO2 oxygen therapy system available by appointment to the public beginning April 2nd! LiveO2 uses oxygen therapy while exercising to improve your health in 15 min. Our patients are already noticing enhanced cognitive function, increased physical performance, improved energy levels, reduced inflammation, better sleep and faster recovery. Whether you are an athlete hoping to improve your performance or struggling with a chronic health complaint, a LiveO2 session will help you get there in just 15 minutes. 

What kinds of events do you hold at your space?

We host all sorts of events! Most of our events are usually focused around healthy living therefore our topics include but are not limited to meditation/breath workshops, yoga, cooking classes, clean home tips, and more. We love hosting events and welcome collaboration in the community always!

You recently hosted an event focused on hormones. What are three ways people can keep their hormones/adrenals in check?

1. Get to bed before 10 pm. Your body does the majority of its detoxing and rebuilding while you are sleeping and you get double the benefit in the hours before midnight than the ones after. You are also more likely to get your full 8 hours if you get to bed earlier. That way you can wake rested instead of relying on caffeine which can strain your adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones. 

2. Get regular, vigorous exercise. 200 min per week of vigourous exercise will help you to balance stress hormones, reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease, support healthy sleep and keep you feeling your best (not to mention looking good too!). 

3. Get your hormones tested. Many people struggle with hormone imbalances that can be supported with the proper nutrition or treatment. The best place to start if you think your hormones may be out of balance is to test them. I have patients come in thinking they have a thyroid imbalance who end up having low testosterone. Other patients have a long history of hormonal imbalance but have never identified the original trigger that threw them out of whack in the first place. At NCNM we can help you identify the imbalance and get the support you need to get your hormones back in balance. 

We ask all our business leaders this question: You have out of town visitors, where do you take them for coffee, lunch, beach time, and drinks? 

I have family in town this weekend! We went to Fish 101 last night, Nectarine Grove for breakfast, Zumbar in Cardiff for coffee, walked from Cardiff to Swami's to check out the meditation gardens and will go to Land & Water in Carlsbad before they take off on Monday. 

Learn more about North County Natural Medicine and their services at Follow them on Instagram at @northcountynaturalmedicine.

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