LeucadiART Walk Artist Spotlight: Kat Dentz

August 22, 2018

We caught up with returning LeucadiART Walk artist, Kat Dentz, whose ocean-inspired pieces are both life-like but ethereal, with experimental elements like glitter and resin. Get to know her and her work below, and make sure to stop by her booth at LeucadiART Walk on Sunday, August 26 from 10am - 5pm to take in the magic with your own eyes.

Kat Dentz: This year for the Art Walk I will be bringing a couple of new experimental pieces, a pair of diamond waves based on Fibonacci spirals, as well as all of my most popular waves. My canvases are big and bold yet intricate in detail, well worth seeing up close and in person. I will also be bringing some new material. I’ve discovered resin art and in flowing with my ocean theme these new pieces will showcase an aerial view of ocean waves.

The LeucadiART Walk is such a valuable opportunity to spend a day basking in an inspiration ebullition brought together by artists and art enthusiasts across the community. Every sense is saluted during a day of live performance music and dance, beer and wine (and food!), and a walking wonderland created by artists displaying their artwork. What makes it so great is that everything is local, so you can really get a sense of what this community is all about. And there’s really no better way to appreciate it than to participate and let that excitement for inspiration shine all day long.

My work is a nod to my training as a visual effects artist, as every drop (think pixel) comes together to create the image. The way I work with the oil paint creates detail that can’t be replicated, again or with any other medium. I love playing with texture, manipulating the paint during drying phases so that it catches the light and casts shadows on itself, creating an effect of lifelike movement within a still image. I am inspired by barrel shot surf photography, knowing what it’s like to work in Photoshop to manipulate and bring out colors of an image. An image which is in essence light refracting through moving water, a captured glimpse of a moment in time. That is only experienced by the individual in the right place at the right time. The elusive nature of this force is a never ending source of inspiration to me as I can paint it a thousand different ways and still come up with a sick shot. I am also inspired by clients! When someone calls for a commission, I love drawing from their world what inspires them about my work and creating customized art that they get excited about and can feel a real connection to.

I am a born and raised San Diego local who spent most of my life at the beach, spends most of my time with eyes closed at the beach, and most of my time with eyes open wishing I was back at the beach. My Dad graduated San Dieguito HS ’74 and was a Del Mar Lifeguard ’74-’85. My mom grew up in La Jolla and met my Dad on the beach.

See more from Kat at katdentz.wixsite.com/katdentzart.

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Lifelong Leucadia resident, lover of Stonesteps & Birdseye.

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