LeucadiART Walk Artist Spotlight: Virginie Mazureau

August 20, 2019

Our third and final Artist Spotlight before the LeucadiART Walk on August 25th is Virginie Mazureau, an artist originally from France who now resides in Carlsbad. Her whimsical use of acrylic and vintage collage allows the viewer a reminiscence, at once serene and surreal. Keep reading to learn more about Virginie and her art before stopping by her booth at the LeucadiART Walk! 


1. How did you first get into art?

I have always enjoyed creating things since I can remember.. I started building cardboard houses for my sister’s doll when I was 8 years old. My first passion for painting started during my college years when I studied interior design, illustration and observation drawing experimenting different ways to use paint (oil, acrylic, and watercolor).


2. How has your work evolved since you first started?

I worked 10 years as an interior designer in France and stopped everything to be closer to my daughter and my husband. At that time I started painting teddy bears for Malou (my daughter) and for friends and it became a full time job. Following that period I evolved from paintings teddy bears to painting children and their universe. 


3. What inspires your art? 

Children’s innocence and my daughter.


4. What are your favorite kinds of pieces to create? What is your favorite piece you have created so far? 

The last series I am working on is my favorite. It represents Children playing in a Californian desert. Through this series, I try to bring forth the difficulties that teenagers need to face from time to time by adding some elements that can refer to those obstacles, like the cactus for example, and I also add some colors that express the compassion and the softness that teenagers can have too.

5. What does being part of LeucadiART Walk mean to you as a member of our community?

I exhibited for 5 years for the Leucadia Art walk and I like this friendly atmosphere. It is like being with family!! I really hope to be there again next year!


Cheers Virginie! 

Check out her website here and follow her Instagram, @virginiemazureau!

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