Local Business Leader: Anthony Miller of Tower 33

January 24, 2018

SEO (search engine optimization) can be stuffy business. That’s why Anthony Miller, owner of Tower 33, a digital marketing agency based in Leucadia, knows that creativity is key — even when you’re on the analytical side of the marketing spectrum. And as it turns out, Leucadia has proven to be the source of inspiration and creativity needed to create successful marketing strategies for their wide array of clients.

With a motto like “Do Good. Be Great.” it’s obvious the team at Tower 33 cares deeply for their work and their clients. “‘It’s a reference to what we want to promote, for ourselves, to our clients, and in the world. ‘Do Good.’ is about helping others, leaving a positive impact from our contributions, and being aware of our impact as a business. ‘Be Great.’ is about being the best we can be, always striving to improve and learn in all aspects of work and life. This saying came around early on with our team as a common reference we felt summarized our core beliefs.”

Doing good and being great is paying off for the team of four: Tower 33 was recently recognized as a leading global provider by Clutch for 2017, and are currently ranked the #7 provider of PPC services (out of 800+) in the entire country. “We’ve been fortunate in receiving recognition for our work, we’ve had a good amount of awards but these are the ones that really stand out to us,” says Miller. “We’ve won a Gold American Advertising Award (Addy) for website design work we’ve done, and we’ve also been recognized as a leading marketing employer in San Diego by the American Advertising Federations SDX / San Diego Ad Club.” 

Read on to learn more about Anthony, Tower 33 and how Leucadia keeps him — and his work — inspired.

L101: How did you end up in North County?

AM: I was born in Iowa, but my dad’s work moved us around a lot – North Dakota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and England before I was 8 – he was in the Air Force. In 1990 my dad finished the FAA academy and was assigned to Southern California which is when and how we ended up here. My wife is born and raised North County, and most of our family lives here in North County, so this definitely feels like home.

L101: What is your professional background? Where were you before starting Tower33 and what lead you to create your own business?

AM: My first “real” job after school was working at MCI Worldcom in sales. I spent the first part of my career in sales roles and transitioned into marketing. I started working in digital marketing back in the mid-2000s, and I always dreamed of working at an agency. By 2010 I was working at agencies in town, and was out on my own in late 2013 – Starting Tower33 in late 2014.

L101: What made you want to open your business in Leucadia?

AM: Advertising is a creative industry, even in the analytical roles, it takes thought and creativity. I don’t know of a more unique and creative town than Encinitas, and Leucadia is the perfect hub for our type of work. Plenty of ways to recharge during the day and find inspiration.

 L101: What project/brand has been the most fun for you to work on?

AM: I’ve always enjoyed projects that support purpose-driven brands, nonprofits, or brands in the action sports and outdoor space. Working in an agency you have the opportunity to work with so many companies each year, it would be impossible to single out the fun and enjoyable projects along the way.

 L101: We have a lot of small businesses in Leucadia, what are some simple ways they can improve their SEO?

AM: Any local business should have their online directories claimed and up-to-date. There are services out there that charge a minimal fee to help you distribute your information, or you can claim and manage them directly for free. These include; Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, YP.com, Foursquare, SuperPages, etc. There are lots of directories that people use to find goods and services, having accurate descriptions, high-res photos, accurate hours and information, correct formatting of your name, address and phone number – they all offer many ways to improve your organic traffic.

 L101: What’s your favorite L101 event?

AM: Taste of Leucadia and LeucadiART Walk.

 L101: You have out of town guests staying with you, where do you take them for…

AM: Coffee: Pannikin or Coffee Coffee

Beach time: Stonesteps or Beacons

Lunch: Lanai or Fish 101

Dinner: Papagayo or Birdseye Kitchen

Drinks: Regal Seagull or Solterra

We want to thank Tower 33 for their L101 Sponsor membership and continued dedication to our community. Connect with them and learn more about how they can help your business reach your goals at tower33.digital.

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