Member Spotlight: Blüm Agency

August 5, 2019

Meet Blüm Agency!

We would like to welcome Alexa Brachvogel of Blüm Agency as a new member of Leucadia 101 Mainstreet! This digital marketing agency helps brands bloom by partnering with small and local businesses to take them to the next level, specializing in website design, SEO, paid media, and branding projects. We got to ask Alexa a few questions about her agency and living in Leucadia; see below to learn about her story!

1. How (or why) did Blüm get started? 

Blüm Agency started in September 2018 to help small and local businesses thrive while providing an opportunity for women in creative professions to work remotely and get paid fair wages. While we're still in our first year of business, our goal is to grow into a global workforce of remote female creative professionals, empowered to continue learning and working without compromising personal relationships or professional trajectories.

2. What is Blüm and what do you offer for clients?

Blüm Agency is a digital marketing agency that helps brands bloom with website design, SEO, paid media, and branding projects. Our work spans across industries, but we love working with local businesses owners and entrepreneurs in the San Diego area. 

3. What part of living & working in Leucadia are you most excited about?

Taste of Leucadia, and walking over to Grandview (plus the inevitable trip to Leucadia Donut Shoppe)!

4. Why did you decide to join Leucadia 101? 

We love to support local businesses in order to empower our community, so joining Leucadia 101 was an obvious choice once we moved to the area!

5. What does your perfect evening out in Leucadia look like? 

Happy hour at Solterra Winery, summer sunset at Beacons, then dinner at Fish 101.

Cheers Blüm Agency! 

Make sure to visit her website and learn more about what Blüm Agency can do for your small business here, and follow their Instagram page @helpingbrandsbloom!

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Picture of an SEO workshop hosted by Blüm Agency
Blüm Agency: Blogging & Booze SEO Workshop

Social Media Coordinator
Social Media Coordinator for Leucadia 101 Mainstreet.

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