Member Spotlight: California Music Lessons

June 17, 2019

California Music Lessons has been serving the Leucadia community since 1987! Find out more about what they think makes Leucadia so special to them.

- What brought CA Music Studios to Leucadia?

Our location in Leucadia, right off Highway 101 next to Ponto Beach, is the perfect place for locals to stop by and take a musical break on our brightly colored funky piano. We love being part of a small, close-knit community, which gives us the amazing opportunity to really connect with our neighbors and participate in awesome local events like Summer Fun and LeucadiArt Walk. It’s incredibly important to us to provide personal service for our students, making sure that we find the perfect teacher for them and their individual needs. We pride ourselves on being the friendly local music company right here in your backyard.

- What has been CA Music Studio's favorite way to participate in Summer Fun or LeucadiART Walk?

We have had so much fun participating in Leucadia 101 events, which allow us to connect with the community and support other local businesses. One of our favorite activities last year at Summer Fun was our instrument “petting zoo”, where we presented the opportunity to try out a variety of instruments and explore new musical interests. We really enjoyed getting to meet our neighbors and can’t wait to participate this year.

- What other services or programming does CA Music Studios look forward to bringing to the community this year?

We are so excited to host our very first summer camp! Summer Songwriting Camp will take place four times this summer, right here in Leucadia. Over the course of a week, students will have the exciting opportunity to work with professional musicians as they learn how to write, record and perform their own original song. Each week of camp will conclude with a big live performance for family and friends. We also offer performance opportunities throughout the year at a variety of fun settings, such as Knott’s Berry Farm and the San Diego Fair, giving our students the chance to really hone their skills on stage and showcase their talent.

- What can a music instructor help you with?

A music instructor does so much more than teach you how to play an instrument – they provide an essential outlet for creativity to flourish and confidence to grow. Learning to play music opens up new pathways in your brain and allows you to become a more innovative thinker and problem-solver. When a student develops a strong connection with their teacher, a whole world of possibilities for skill-building and personal growth emerges. Music lessons can strengthen a broad spectrum of vital life skills and lay the groundwork for cultivating a fulfilling, whole-hearted life.

- What are your favorite Leucadia shops, beaches, lunch and live music locations?

We’re all frequent visitors at Roberto’s, which just happens to be our next-door neighbor. Ponto Beach is also hard to resist, given that it’s only a 5 minute walk from our office. We also love the picturesque décor at and delicious coffee at Pannikin Coffee & Tea, and Coffee Coffee is one of our favorite spots for live music. Live Culture Café is another great performance venue nearby – honestly, we could go on and on, we love all the local spots here in Leucadia!

Assistant Director
Zanni loves living close to the beach & Birdseye Kitchen

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