Member Spotlight: Clay & Craft

October 31, 2019

Meet Clay & Craft!

We would like to welcome Nicole Novena of Leucadia’s newest ceramics studio, Clay & Craft, as a new member of Leucadia 101 Mainstreet! We can’t wait to try our hand on the wheel, but we stopped by this morning and got to make a wind chime using clay circles that Nicole had previously made + driftwood that Nicole and her son had found during their beach walks. Below, Nicole answered a few questions about Clay & Craft, her vision for it, and what she loves about living & working in Leucadia!

1. How did Clay&Craft get started? 

Gosh...this has been years in the making =). It was a lifelong hobby which shifted to a side gig in 2016 and then a little yet growing business in 2018. I always had a vision of opening a place where people can not only purchase my work but also experience working with clay themselves. Finally, that vision has come to life!

2. What elements define your pottery style? Where do you find inspiration? 

Modern. Minimal. Timeless. Raw yet refined. I love the idea of ones experience feeling a bit more sacred and special when being sipped or eaten off our modern ceramics. 

3. What is important to you in running Clay & Craft? 

We're on a mission to not only make beautiful and useful goods for everyday rituals, gifting or gathering with love ones but also to share our craft, foster creativity, celebrate handmade and champion modern artisian culture. Throwing on the potters wheel can be incredibly therapeutic...think of CLAY + CRAFT as the town's new spot for creative care. Studio details:

4. Favorite travel destination and how is that reflected in your ceramics? 

Ummm....I love the mountains and have an appreciation for nature. 

5. Why did you decide to open up shop in Leucadia? What’s your favorite part about a being part of Leucadia? 

I was looking for a space for a while but couldn't find the right fit until my friends at Valentina had some underutilized space. After giving it some TLC, the 400 sq foot part studio / part store is just what we need.  I feel so grateful to have found this creative space. Leucadia is the perfect spot for CLAY + CRAFT...we're a creative business and opened the space to share our craft with others...aligns perfectly with the art, soul and funk of Leucadia!

 6. Perfect day and/or evening out in Leucadia? 

I love starting the day with a nice run, exploring the beach with my family and dining out at our favorites...Valentina, Kai Ola or Fish 101. 

Cheers Clay & Craft!

Make sure to check out her NEWLY OPENED and beautiful studio at 810 N Coast Hwy 101, Suite C (behind Valentina), visit her website to shop her pottery or book time on the wheel here, and follow her Instagram page @clayandcraftco! 

Award Winning Pottery.
Nicole's Pottery for Sale.
Studio Space for Hand Made Objects such as Wind Chimes, Pinch Pots, and Mugs.
Wheel Lessons & Handbuilding Projects are Available!
Clean White Space - Perfect for Small Events or Girls Nights!

Social Media Coordinator
Social Media Coordinator for Leucadia 101 Mainstreet.

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