Member Spotlight: Four Moons

December 17, 2019

Happy Holidays from Four Moons!

This month we stopped by Four Moons to chat with Courtney Mars and Letha Sandison, co-owners of the beautiful space. This was my first time seeing the space in person, although many had raved to me about it in the past few months. Their boutique is filled with well-sourced objects that would be perfect for gifting to your loved ones. Of course, if you truly want to treat someone, a giftcard to Four Moons for a treatment or two is never a bad idea. Below, Courtney answered a few questions about Four Moons, holiday traditions, and her favorite gifts to both receive and give!

1. How did Four Moons start?

The seed was planted after Letha and I met at a New Moon Gathering at Shannon Aganza’s house. Then we began by creating a little gathering space and boutique called Moondust Mercantile then it quickly grew into an entire wholeness space.

2. Where did the name Four Moons come from?

We wanted to honor the phases of life like the phases of the moon , then we checking with Shannon to make sure the numerology on the name was good for what the intention of the space would become.

3. What elements define Four Moons? Where did you draw inspiration from when designing the Four Moons space? 

We really want it to feel like the energy vortex that it is. Earth and Water elements are predominant and we want it to feel like you are transported.  We drew on our travels and places that inspire us. 

4. What is important to you in running Four Moons? 

Community is so important to both of us , we want Four Moons to be a place for relaxation and celebration. 

 5. Favorite travel destination and how is that reflected in your business?

Letha lived in Uganda , I lived in Bali so both of those experiences have had an impact on our hearts and had influence in the business.  We both love Morocco so we’ve brought in some elements from our travels there. The Sahara Desert and the Ionian Sea have been my favorite destinations. Letha is much more travelled , but I know she fell in love with the mouth of the Nile and I might speculate that Scotland ranks high for her as well.

6. Why did you decide to open Four Moons in Leucadia? What’s your favorite part about being a business in Leucadia? 

It was divine guidance and our favorite part is the amazing community. We couldn’t ask for a better, more supportive community . 

7. Perfect day and/or evening out in Leucadia?

Kundalini yoga followed by Chai lattes and breakfast Sandwiches at Cantine, walk on Neptune down to the beach, Uplift with Love meditation followed by a Massage & Facial at Four Moons, chill with tea by the koi pond, bike ride, buy some pottery at Clay + Craft, then into Valentina for a glass of wine and the Salmon. Then home to cuddle with the kids. 

8. What is your favorite Holiday tradition?

Spending time with the ones I love, expressing gratitude for them and gifting them with meaningful treasures.  And maybe a little dairy free egg nog. 

9. What are some of your favorite gifts to give and receive? 

Time with each other, spa treatments, self care products like a beautiful facial oil or a hand dyed silk pillowcase. Donation to a good cause, or a product that directly funds a good cause. Nothing better than gifting something made with love that supports someone in the community. 

10. What are your personal favorite treatments available at Four Moons? 

My personal favorite combination is a warm basalt stone massage followed by the Gemstone facial . You have to really want to relax with that combo. 

Cheers Four Moons! 
Make sure to follow their Instagram page @fourmoonsspa or book an appointment on their website.

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