Member Spotlight: JY Design Interiors

September 19, 2019

Meet JY Design Interiors!

We would like to welcome Jaki Yermian of JY Design Interiors as a new member of Leucadia 101 Mainstreet! JY Design Interiors is an interior design firm that began at Jaki’s dining room table 5 years ago and since then has gained clients, been featured in huge press placements (Vanity Fair & Elle Decor to name a few), and has opened a brand new office right here in Leucadia. Over the years, Jaki has created the hands on design experience JY Design Interiors is now known for. Read on below to learn a bit more about JY Design Interiors and Jaki Yermian! 

1. How did JY Design Interiors get started?

It actually was a happy accident! I got my degree in interior design, and was bartending on the side while working for a designer. One of my bar patrons was in construction & asked me to come look at a commercial space he was building.  I kind of figured it out as I went, as it was my first project on my own. 

2. How do you decide which projects are a good fit for you and your firm? 

I try to feel out a client within the first couple times meeting or talking, to ensure there’s a level of understanding and trust. Design often pushes people out of their comfort zone. That trust is key to keep a uniform look throughout the project, and get that fast paced result everyone craves. 

3. What elements define your style? Where do you find inspiration? 

I try to keep our projects diverse. I love to blend a timeless, neutral pallet, with unexpected pops of color & well thought out details.

4. What has been your favorite project so far? 

I’ve been so lucky to have such great clients, I honestly couldn’t choose! Every job is so different and exciting. 

5. What is your dream job/project to work on? 

I've always wanted to design a bar/restaurant, as I worked in the hospitality industry for years. It would be fun to combine my creativity with the knowledge of functionality needed.

6. Favorite room to design and why?

I love kitchens and bathroom design. It combines tile, cabinetry and lighting which are a few of my favorites.

7. What’s your favorite part about living in Leucadia and being part of the Leucadia 101 family?

I actually live in Carlsbad, but our office is located right off Highway 101 in Leucadia. It’s always been my favorite town, and just keeps getting better as far as restaurant and retail options.

8. Perfect day and/or evening out in Leucadia?

I personally love being able to walk from my office to the beach, grab lunch, or walk to happy hour after work! Papagayo is my favorite.

Cheers Jaki! 

Make sure to visit their website and learn more about what JY Design Interiors can do for your design goals here, and follow their Instagram page @jydesigninteriors!

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