New Member: Cross Construction

February 4, 2019

Cross Construction is one of our newest members and you can look no further for a construction team that can help you build with confidence from design to final construction. They are also incredible community members and have partnered with the Encinitas Preservation Association to restore the famous Boathouses. Read on to learn more about what Cross Construction brings to our community and your next project.

How did you get started?

Cross Construction Inc. was founded by Presley N. Cross in 1987 and later incorporated in 1991. Cross Construction has been proudly serving San Diego with his signature brand of building excellence for over thirty years. Mr. Cross began modestly as a carpenter and built the company one project at a time. He believed his value was in the quality of his work and the ironclad promise of his word. With each successfully completed project, his reputation for quality workmanship and customer service carried farther and farther.

What does Cross Construction Inc do?

Cross Construction Inc. is the whole package when it comes to finding the perfect general contractor in Leucadia! Cross specializes in custom home construction, residential remodels, landscapes, and commercial builds. They provide a fully equip in house team that self-performs all landscape elements to include hardscapes and softscapes. Cross will assist with all phases of your project and has just recently partnered with LightStream to bring you low rates on home improvement loans.

What is your favorite thing about your business? What’s the best part about working in Leucadia?

Over the years we have found there to be many favorite things that the team loves about Cross Construction. In 2017, after thirty successful years, Mr. Cross, brought on several experienced partners to help manage and grow the firm. While Cross Construction is growing quickly and is stronger than ever, the focus of the company remains the same – to deliver an unparalleled construction experience for our clients, no matter what. Cross Construction Inc. has now built a team who is fully ready to take on the San Diego area!

What is your approach when working with your clients?

A trusted relationship with our clients and community is the first and most important thing we build on any project. That’s why, as a part of every project, we provide the “Cross Commitment” with you and the community. As the decades passed, Mr. Cross proudly grew the firm to be one of the premier hardscape contractors in San Diego. Leading the firm through both good and bad markets, Mr. Cross has never lost sight of the most important aspect of the business customer service.

What exciting projects are you working on?

Striving to build excellence in San Diego county, Cross Construction values their home roots and community. The Cross Team has played a valuable role by assisting with the Encinitas Preservation Association, helping with demolition and landscaping of the famous historic boathouses! You can check out the boathouse pictures on the Cross Construction website along with other amazing Cross project photos!

Be it beach, restaurant, or local shop; what are your favorite Leucadia places to visit?

Coffee Coffee and Leucadia Donuts go hand in hand for the Cross Team! There’s no better way to start our mornings off than to feel energized and with a little treat! Le Papagayo and Birdseye both have delicious food and great ambience. Beacon’s and Moonlight have been our go to beaches to hang out with our team and to enjoy with family and friends over the weekend for years now!

For more information about Cross Construction visit their website at

Phone: 760.758.3639


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