New Member Spotlight: Campana Studios

February 22, 2021

Welcome Campana Studios, a community-based arts organization that provides artist-led programs, campaigns, installations and public art.

Here's an image from a current project in which we are collaborating with Alzheimer's San Diego to send out hand painted postcards to their clients who are homebound due to COVID.

1. When did you create Campana Studios?

Campana Studios was created in 2020 to consolidate my community based art projects and to provide a platform for other artists to engage with our community.  

2. What inspires you to do what you do?

I'm not really sure, I guess I am self inspired but I also get inspired looking at the point where the sky meets the earth, it's a universal point of connection shared across cultures   I have a lot of ideas and some of them get developed into projects or art.  

3. Where do you host community art installations?

I like to embed the workshops within current organizations, both to increase the outreach and to create a symbiotic environment.  

4. Is there a cost to participating?

Some workshops are free and some cost money, but if someone doesn't have the money, that's OK, they will be able to participate.  If someone has more money than requested, they can contribute more if they'd like.  

5. What obstacles have you had to overcome due to COVID, if any?

We have had to postpone the kick off of our in-person workshops,  but we have found new ways to provide support and community building - check out #bestrongsefuerte to learn more.  

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