Take-Out Tuesday

January 12, 2021

Welcome Take-out Tuesday!
Take a break from cooking and support local restaurants with us, by ordering for take-out or delivery.

Follow Birdseye Kitchen

Website - https://www.birdseyekitchen.com/menu

Phone - (760) 479-0488

Follow Corner Pizza

Website - https://corner-pizza.square.site/

Phone - (760) 331-3565

Follow Fish 101

Website - https://www.fish101restaurant.com/

Phone - (760) 943-6221

Follow Le Papagayo

Website - https://lepapagayoleucadia.com/shop/

Phone - (760) 944-8252

Follow Moto Deli

Website - https://www.motodeli.com/

Phone - (760) 505-6422

Follow Nectarine Grove

Website - https://www.nectarinegrove.com/

Phone - (760) 944-4525


To build support for our small businesses restaurants and create a habit for as long as the prohibition of onsite dining is in place, we are launching a #TakeOutTuesdayEncinitas contest.

January’s grand prize is a @castateparks parking pass!

Here are the details:
🍲 Order takeout for three of the four Tuesdays in the month of January.
🥗Snap a screenshot or a photo of your receipts.
🍝Post a photo of your meal and hashtag: #takeouttuesdayencinitas
🌯 Submit your 3 receipts, name and contact info via DM @kellie4encinitas or email kellieforencinitas@gmail.com before Jan. 31st at midnight.

Winner will be announced Feb. 1

🍤 All restaurants must be located in Encinitas.
🥡Please pack your trash if you’re eating in your car. Beach and downtown trash cans fill up faster than we are able to empty.

&@encinitaschamber for meal ideas and special offers.

Follow Pandora's Pizza

Website - https://pandoraspizzapie.com/

Phone - (760) 230-2323

Follow Priority Public House

Website - https://prioritypublichouse.com/dinner-menu/

Phone - (760) 230-1999

Follow Valentina

Website - https://www.restaurantvalentina.com/

Phone - (760) 943-6686

Follow Haggo's Tacos

Website: http://www.haggosorganictaco.com/menu

Phone: (760) 753-6000

Follow The Regal Seagull

Website: http://www.regalseagull.com/

Phone: (760) 479-2337

Follow Buona Forchetta

Website: https://buonaforchettasd.com/

Phone: (760) 704-8070

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