Fostering Community and Creativity at Solomon + Co. Hair Studio

April 26, 2018

Meet Eric and Leigh. The husband and wife duo behind one of Leucadia’s newest salon, Solomon + Co Salon, know that creativity doesn’t lie in just one discipline. That’s why they’re bringing the community together through art exhibits that not only feature local artists — but local musicians, eateries, and breweries as well. Needless to say, these long-time North County residents have a big vision for community, one that goes far beyond just offering great haircuts. Read on to learn more about their love for Leucadia, tips for healthy hair, and their philosophy on community.

What made you want to open your business in Leucadia?

We love working where we live and where our kids go to school! Having our business weave into our community allows us to connect with the amazing and creative people here on a whole new level! We are grateful to have a space to hold venue for so much creative collaboration within our great community!

What's the best part about working in Leucadia?

Working in Leucadia is a dream, there is so much opportunity to grow, play and evolve here! The support from and for our community is tremendous, so many businesses and residents authentically encourage and care about each other! We love growing our business and our lives in place filled with so many happy friendly faces!

Tell us more about the desire to turn your salon into much more than a salon, but a community gathering space with art installs and showings?

We feel that every person has an inherent skill and when you share that skill with others it creates a ripple effect of ideas and growth. Throughout history artists, musicians, bread and wine all come together and in that venue ideas grew into so much of what exists today. It is our hope to hold that parallel venue through our art showings and receptions, so that people can connect, share ideas and creativity can continue to gain momentum and evolve!

Leucadians are in the sun and salt most days, what are some ways people can keep their healthy and well-managed?

After the beach or being in the saltwater, Eric recommends rinsing your hair with fresh water, using a brush or wide tooth comb to get out the tangles, then finishing with an application of leave in conditioner for re-hydration. As a whole, we all get a lot of sun exposure on our hair-a daily heat/UV protection oil, spray or lotion can be a helpful tool. A trim every eight weeks is also a great way to maintain healthy locks!

How do people book appointments?

Please stop by anytime, call 760.310.1938 or go to our Instagram profile page @solomonandcohair to directly book an appointment!

You have guests visiting from out of town, where do you take them for:

Coffee -  Coffee Coffee

Breakfast - Nectarine Grove, Leucadia Donut Shoppe

Beach time - Beacons, Cardiff, Ponto

Lunch - The Lanai, Moto Deli

Dinner/drinks -  Fish 101, Le Papagayo, Priority Public

Solomon + Co Studio is located at 1114 N Ste. 9 Coast Hwy, Encinitas, CA 92024.

Assistant Director
Lifelong Leucadia resident, lover of Stonesteps & Birdseye.

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